Denture reline

Denture Reline

Dentures are one of the most common ways to replace missing teeth due to their affordability. They are a set of prosthetic teeth that sit on top of your gums to replace missing teeth, improve facial aesthetics, and restore the mouth’s function.

Dentures allow you to confidently eat, speak, smile, and laugh. However, due to the natural changes your mouth undergoes over time, they must be relined from time to time.

If you are in or near Mount Vernon or Bellingham, WA and you have noticed that your dentures are loose, or they are cracked, chipped, or broken, they need to be relined. The team at Diamond Dental can help.

You may also want to ask about relining if you have developed sore spots.

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What is a Denture Reline?

A denture reline is the process of adding material to the inside of your dentures to help it adapt to your mouth better. Denture relining offers several benefits:

  • Dentures fit better, allowing you to eat and speak better
  • Improves oral hygiene since food can’t get trapped under dentures
  • Won’t cause painful sore spots, decreasing your risk of infection

Why is denture relining necessary?

In order to remain healthy, your jawbone needs stimulation from your tooth roots. When you are missing teeth, your jawbone is no longer getting that stimulation, so it begins to deteriorate. This causes changes in the way that your denture fits, allowing it to slip and slide around more easily. A reline will re-create a snug fit, preventing these issues.

Types of Denture Reline

There are three different types of denture reline, depending on your needs:

  • Hard Reline

    For patients with a full set of dentures, a hard reline may be necessary from time to time. The dentist will start by roughening the inside of the acrylic and pressing in dental putty to create an impression of your mouth. A dental lab will replace the putty with acrylic.

    Typically, a hard reline lasts up to a few years. However, it’s important to visit the dentist regularly in case more frequent relines are needed.

  • Soft Reline

    If your gums are tender and you’re getting sores from your dentures, you may need a soft reline. In this type of reline, a more comfortable material such as rubber or wax is used to line your dentures.

    Soft relines don’t usually last as long as hard relines. Plus, the material is more porous, so it will be more likely to develop an odor due to bacteria and plaque collecting on it.

  • Temporary Reline

    If you’ve gone too long between relines, you may have sore gums, which means you need a temporary reline. In this case, your dentures will be relined with medicated tissue conditioner, which will reduce the inflammation.

    This type of reline is only designed to last a few weeks and, once your gums have healed, you’ll need to either get a hard reline or a new set of dentures.

How long does it take to reline dentures?

Typically, a soft reline can be done in the office within a few minutes. A hard reline, on the other hand, is done by a dental lab and may take 1 to 2 days.

Can I reline my own dentures?

These days, everyone wants to save money by going the DIY route. While it’s true that there are at-home denture reline kits available, it’s best to let a professional do it. After all, they have the experience and expertise to ensure a proper fit. If you try to do it yourself, there’s a chance that you may cause more damage and end up having to replace your dentures entirely.

How Much Does Denture Reline Cost?

The cost of relining dentures is a lot less than replacing them, depending on the type of reline you get:

Hard reline: $350 to $900

Soft reline: $200 to $500

In some cases, dental insurance will cover at least a portion of the cost of relines. Our office staff will be happy to work with your provider to determine your coverage. We do offer financing options if you need help paying for your denture reline.

How long will a denture realignment last?

A denture reline typically lasts a few years, with a hard reline lasting longer than a soft reline. This depends a lot on your situation, the type of reline you need, and the type of dentures you have. Oral hygiene habits also play a role.

Dentures sit on top of your gums to replace missing teeth and restore the appearance and functionality of your smile. Unfortunately, over time your jawbone will begin to deteriorate, which changes the way your dentures fit.  When this happens, you can have your dentures relined instead of replaced.

If you live in or near Bellingham or Mount Vernon, schedule your consultation with the team at Diamond Dental. We will be happy to work with you to reline your dentures and make them fit like they are new again.

Denture Reline FAQs

If you have any questions or concerns about denture relines, we’ll be happy to address those at any time. Below are some of the most common questions we are asked about denture relines.

Typically, dentures must be relined every few years, depending on your situation including the type of dentures you have and the type of reline you need. A hard reline lasts longer than a soft reline.

The best way to improve the life expectancy of your dentures is to take care of them. Use a denture brush and dish soap or a denture cleanser to clean them. You should also soak them overnight with denture tablets. The better you care for your dentures, the longer they will last and the less often you’ll need a reline.

Yes, the purpose of relining dentures is to make them fit better.
A dentist can perform a soft reline in the office within a few minutes. A hard reline, on the other hand, must be sent to a dental lab and takes 1 to 2 days.
New dentures should not need to be relined, as they are custom-made to fit your mouth properly. However, if they do not fit, adjustments can be made so that they do.
Yes, there are alternatives to dental implants. A dental bridge is an option for patients who have some remaining natural teeth and dentures are an option for those who are missing most or all of their natural teeth. However, these come with several disadvantages.
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