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Smile emergencies? We're your heroes Emergency Dental Treatment starts @ $89

A dental emergency can happen at any time, no matter how vigilant you are with your oral hygiene habits. Emergency Dentistry is an area of dentistry designed to treat these issues to keep them from escalating into something more serious. At Diamond Dental, this is just one of the many dental services that we offer.

Toothache - Emergency dentistry
Tooth Extraction - Emergency Dentistry

Benefits of Emergency Dental Treatment

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, it is critical that you seek treatment as quickly as possible. There are several benefits associated with seeking emergency treatment, including:
  • Same day treatment
  • Immediate pain relief
  • Available 24/7
  • Salvage a damaged/decayed tooth
  • Prevent infection

If you are experiencing pain, swelling, and/or uncontrollable bleeding, you qualify for emergency dental treatment at Diamond Dental. We have offices in Bellingham and Mount Vernon.

Root Canals

While many patients are concerned about root canals, modern dentistry often makes this procedure quick and simple. Infected teeth in danger of extraction can be disinfected and filled with a sealer, offering a safe, effective solution for a problematic situation.

root canal treatment - emergency dentistry
Oral surgery-emergency Dentistry

Oral Surgery

Minor surgical procedures are sometimes necessary to treat dental issues. Defects in the bone or supporting gum tissue may require repair with simple, yet precise surgical techniques.

Bone Grafting

The bone around your teeth is special and doesn’t regenerate when it’s lost. Your teeth rely on this bony foundation to remain stable and functional. Sometimes we can repair these defects by adding bone grafting materials.

Bone Grafting-Emergency Dentistry
Severe toothache-Emergency dentistry

Types of Dental Emergencies​

At Diamond Dental, some of the most common types of dental emergencies we deal with include:

  • Severe toothache
  • Cracked/broken tooth
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Loose tooth (due to trauma)
  • Abscess (swelling of face/jaw)
  • Lost/broken dental restoration
  • Severe injury to soft tissue

When Should You Seek Emergency Treatment? ​

If you have uncontrollable pain, swelling, and/or bleeding, it is critical that you contact the clinic as soon as possible. If you can get the bleeding under control and manage pain and swelling with OTC pain relievers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, we consider your case to be urgent but should be able to wait until regular office hours for an appointment.

uncontrollable pain-Emergency dentistry

Emergency Services Offered at Diamond Dental​ in Mount Vernon

If you have a dental emergency, the first thing we will do is help you get the pain under control. Then, one of our experienced dentists will examine you to determine the source of the issue.

We offer a variety of services, including:

When you come in for an emergency dental visit, the first step is to get your pain under control. We will do this by administering local anesthesia to the affected area. Then, we will do an examination to determine what is causing the issue. We will discuss your symptoms and how long you have been experiencing the problem. From there, we will create your treatment plan.
In some cases, treatment can be done on the same day. In other cases, we will stabilize your condition and schedule treatment as soon as possible. Your aftercare instructions will depend on the treatment that you are given.

A dental emergency can happen at any time of the day or night, no matter how vigilant you are about proper oral hygiene. Emergency dentistry is the area of dentistry that deals with these issues to prevent them from escalating into something more serious.

There are several benefits of seeking emergency care, including salvaging the affected tooth, immediate pain relief, same-day treatment, and so much more.
If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Bellingham or Mount Vernon, contact Diamond Dental right away. We will be happy to help you take care of your dental issues.

Payment and Insurance Coverage

Most dental insurance plans will cover emergency treatment, but in some cases, there are caveats. Our office staff will work with your provider to determine coverage prior to moving forward with your treatment.
We will also explain the costs to you and make sure that you understand and are comfortable with the charges. We will work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your needs and budget.

We accept cash, checks, and most major credit/debit cards. In addition, we offer financing through CareCredit and LendingPoint.

We offer several new patient specials, which change periodically. At this time we do not accept payment plans.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

The team at Diamond Dental would love to get to know you before you have a dental emergency, contact the office today for your consultation. We have two conveniently located offices, Mount Vernon and Bellingham.

Our Mount Vernon office is located at 2120 Freeway Drive. Our office hours are Monday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Our phone number is (360) 512-7258.

Our Bellingham office is located at 102 S Samish Way. Our office hours are Monday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Our phone number is (360) 516-4610.

If you prefer, you also have the option to schedule your appointment on our website.

Emergency Dentistry FAQs​

It is important to note that not all dental issues are considered an emergency. However, if you have uncontrollable pain, swelling, and/or bleeding, you need to seek emergency dental care. Some of the most common dental emergencies we see at Diamond Dental include:

  • Severe toothache
  • Abscess
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Cracked/broken tooth
  • Lost/broken dental restoration
If you experience a dental emergency, call the office as soon as possible so that we can get you in and treat the issue.
The very first thing we will do is get your pain under control. After that, the type of emergency you have will determine the treatment. If you have a damaged tooth, we will determine the severity of the problem and either do a filling or a root canal.
An emergency dental appointment will last as long as it needs to in order to get your issue stabilized.

Most dental insurance plans will cover emergency dentistry. However, there may be some procedures that are not covered. Our office staff will work with your provider to determine coverage before we proceed with treatment. If your treatment is not covered, we do offer financing options.

Depending on your emergency, treatment may be done the same day as your emergency visit, or it may be scheduled for later. If we must schedule treatment for a later date, we will get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Tooth Replacement

Our dentists’ backgrounds in restorative dentistry allow them to develop solutions for every scenario.

Oral Appliances

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Orthodontics involves teeth straightening and jaw alignment, combining beauty and function.

Sedation Dentistry

You can experience dental treatment in a comfortable, customized approach with several different methods of sedation.

Cleaning & Prevention

A focus on preventive dentistry helps you maintain the highest standard of oral health while limiting dental expenditures.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Volumes of research confirm the influential role of smiles on our relationships and our self-esteem.

Family Dentistry

When you step into Diamond Dental, you’ll know you’ve found the perfect place for your family’s care.

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